TappedOut Clones Strategy

Welcome, and thanks for following the breadcrumbs I left;

Here I propose a strategy that we all follow, its something I’ve already been doing, but it works a lot better if we all do it.

(tl;dr We let everyone win, we only attack houses not castles (except cheaters), and if you agree leave your origin ID in the comments, I will start pruning people out of my friends whose origin IDs don’t fit so I can make room for people who do)

If you look at the  tapped-out wikia article, under the section Attacking/Defending you see the payouts for various scenarios.  You can see that the greatest payout that you can get is from winning (duh).  Also when you add a nerd to the fight you reduce the time by a single hour; so if you have a house being attacked by a single nerd it takes (say) 14 hours.  Adding 7 nerds reduces that to 7 hours.  Say you win that, after 7 hours you get 18 elixer and 8 coins.  Now say instead you used those same 8 nerds and attacked 8 different houses, and you LOST; in this case you would get 40 elixer and coins.  Now, if we all coordinate, and let each other win, you’ll get 144 elixer and 64 coins;  A net gain (over the lose case) of 126 elixer and 56 coins

Now lets look at the loss by letting the other person win; if you have 8 houses under attack and you defend, you get: 160 elixer and 80 coins, vs 80 elixer and 40 coins; so you “lose” 80 elixer and 40 coins; however if we combine that with the above, we will be up 46 elixer and 16 coins (for every 8 nerds you spend).

Now we move on to attacking castles.  Its not worth it.  Castles is where our nerds come from, we cannot afford to let the other person “win”, because we can’t collect nerds while they are being attacked.  I mean if you want to attack my castle, go ahead, but I’m not going to wait.  In the castle case you get 10E/2C for losing vs winning against a house 18E/8C; winning against a house (which I will not defend against) beats losing against a castle (which I will, since I need the nerds).  Now, if you want to use a cheater; by all means; though I have read there are better uses for them, which I will look at and post later.

So where does that leave us?  If you agree to this pact add a comment with your originId so I know to not prune you; encourage your friends to do the same, lets get a network of 100 people that all agree to play by these rules and we will clean up.  I get 45 nerds (currently) every 2 hours.  Assuming I only play 3 times a day (hahaha). that’s 135 nerds, if we all do this we’ll each get 2430E/512C every day just from attacks.

If you have a superior strategy, let me know and I’ll do it instead; Either way, lets coordinate.

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